8401 Greenway – Revamping the Wisconsin Trade Center

Significant investments and continual efforts are made to keep all of our buildings up-to-date, fresh and inviting. Debbie Blackburn, one of our Property Managers, recently took on the challenge of touching up the Wisconsin Trade Center aesthetically.  Floors needed some improvement, paint needed to be refreshed, and updated artwork was needed in this high traffic office building. Debbie made her rounds through the building and met with vendors to put pricing together and get plans ready to go. Many updates were made, including:

  • New flooring in the lobby
  • New carpeting
  • Newly painted walls
  • Artwork in the hallways
  • New ceiling tiles
  • Fitness center updates: new equipment, lighting, televisions, fresh paint, and the installation of storage cubicals

Everything came together smoothly and was finished in an efficient time frame. Debbie has received a good amount of positive feedback from tenants who commented on the lovely artwork, new flooring and updated fitness center. Phases two and three are in the planning stages, stay tuned.