About Artis REIT

Artis REIT is one of the largest diversified commercial real estate investment trusts in Canada and is an unincorporated closed-end real estate investment trust primarily focused on creating value for unitholders through the investment in and ownership of quality commercial properties in select markets.

Artis REIT’s portfolio consists of industrial, retail and office properties in Canada and the United States.


Artis REIT’s primary objective is to maximize total returns to our unitholders.

Returns include a stable, reliable and tax-efficient monthly cash distribution as well as long-term appreciation in the value of Artis’ units through the accumulation and effective management of a quality portfolio of commercial real estate.


Artis’ management utilizes several key strategies to meet its primary objective, which are executed with consideration given to current economic and market factors:

Strategic Asset Ownership. Artis’ portfolio of office, retail and industrial real estate is strategically and diversely located in select primary and secondary markets in Canada and the United States (“U.S.”). Artis’ management conducts on-going analysis of the performance of its assets and the relevant economic fundamentals of its target markets, identifying opportunities to make accretive acquisitions, develop new generation real estate and dispose of assets that are not aligned with its long-term strategy.

Prudent Financial Management. Artis has a long-term conservative approach to financial management, characterized by diligent management of its balance sheet, and prudent management of financial metrics, such as debt ratios, interest coverage ratios, payout ratios, and per unit metrics. Artis minimizes its risk related to interest rates by utilizing various sources of capital and staggering debt maturities. Ample access to cash is required to fulfill distribution obligations and for on-going operations, which includes re-investing in the portfolio, making accretive acquisitions and funding development projects.

Disciplined Growth. Artis’ management strives to extract maximum value from its portfolio through effective management of assets, including leasing initiatives that focus on maintaining strong occupancy levels and realizing the gain between inplace rental rates and market rental rates. Artis’ management creates value through strategic asset redevelopment and property intensification initiatives, and through new development projects. New developments provide Artis an opportunity to build and own new generation real estate, and are considered in circumstances where the return on a development project is higher than that of acquiring an existing property.

Artis REIT’s Management Team

Artis REIT’s management team has over 200 years of collective experience in construction, development, and management of commercial and other properties in Canada and the United States. The management team at Artis REIT has implemented a prudent investment strategy, which includes stringent acquisition criteria, a conservative financing approach, and the development of excellent deal flow in its target markets.

Artis REIT is fully-internalized and operates its own asset management and property management functions. These functions are responsible for the day-to-day management of the REIT’s portfolio as well as administrative services.