Floor Plan Design Tips

Today work spaces vary from company to company and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer free custom floor plan design to meet tenants needs. Here’s six tips that can help with the design process.

Design for Divisibility

Growing is easy but shrinking is harder to do. Design around your entry and egress points. Built from one door towards the other with all amenities close to the door. This way, if your needs change, you can adjust your floor plan by cutting your space by the far door.

Ditch the Dogma

Open floor plan vs. closed floor plan…Most offices need mixed spaces, private and semi-private with spaces assigned by rank.

Don’t Over-Assign

Traditional and modern work styles don’t gel. Some employees might work from home or travel for a week at a time. Design office space where people can work where they need to when they need to.

Define Spaces

Walled offices are a thing of the past and wide-open spaces can seem impersonal. Half-walls and three-sided rooms allow you to impose a semblance of order without stifling collaboration.

Do Amazing Things…With Furniture

The less you build and the more you place, the easier it will be to make changes. Large cubes, bulky CRT monitors and multiple file cabinets waste space. Office furniture is easy to move around and change.

Don’t Forget the Wires

Wireless devise still need power and the more data traffic that you can carry on the Ethernet or fiber, the less congestion you have on your Wi-Fi and G4 networks