Welcome Ruan Transportation Management Services

We extend a warm welcome to our newest tenant, Ruan Transportation Management Systems.

Ruan is one of the largest privately held family owned carriers in the United States.  This company has 80 years of transporting a variety of bulk products and services to private fleet and contract carriage shippers nationwide.  A true leader in environmental performance and energy efficiency, they have won awards from the EPA for their environmental friendly strategies (idle reduction, low viscosity lubricants, reduced highway speeds, paperless technologies and processes and successful driver training designed with an emphasis on maintenance and fuel consumption). The company continually investigates new, sustainable fuel options like bio diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG). The use of CNG will eliminate as many as 1.8 million gallons of diesel fuel each year. Ruan corporate headquarters are located in Des Moines with 233 operations nationwide. Welcome to our High Crossing Office Park in Madison, Wisconsin.