Wellness Rooms Remodeled

More and more companies realized that wellness programs are linked to greater productivity and less absenteeism. One of Vanta’s popular wellness amenities is our no-fee fitness centers located throughout our portfolio. Another amenity offered to our customers is the use of our Wellness Rooms. City Center West has three such rooms located at 525 Junction Road. All rooms have been updated and remodeled with new paint, carpet, counter tops, furniture and artwork. These Wellness Rooms offer a quite space to escape from your office when you are not feeling well but are most often used by working mothers who need a sanitary and comfortable environment to breastfeed. To use a Wellness Room you must schedule a date & time through WORKSPEED.

Blue Plate Cafe Remodel

January’s grand opening of the renovated Blue Plate Cafe features new menu options and better layout. Inside the café you’ll find lovely chalk board drawings displaying daily specials and quicker check-out service. The lunch menu will always feature two choices of made from scratch soup and various hot foods made to  order. Try a hot sandwiches, pizza Thursdays, Burger of the week on Friday and other tasty meals. The menu also features vegetarian items along with the build your own salad and sandwich bar.

Cafe hours are from 7:15 am to 2 pm. Breakfast offered at 7:30 to 10 am with lunch service at 11 am until 1:30. Check out the breakfast and lunch menus posted near the cafe.

8401 Greenway – Revamping the Wisconsin Trade Center

Significant investments and continual efforts are made to keep all of our buildings up-to-date, fresh and inviting. Debbie Blackburn, one of our Property Managers, recently took on the challenge of touching up the Wisconsin Trade Center aesthetically.  Floors needed some improvement, paint needed to be refreshed, and updated artwork was needed in this high traffic office building. Debbie made her rounds through the building and met with vendors to put pricing together and get plans ready to go. Many updates were made, including:

  • New flooring in the lobby
  • New carpeting
  • Newly painted walls
  • Artwork in the hallways
  • New ceiling tiles
  • Fitness center updates: new equipment, lighting, televisions, fresh paint, and the installation of storage cubicals

Everything came together smoothly and was finished in an efficient time frame. Debbie has received a good amount of positive feedback from tenants who commented on the lovely artwork, new flooring and updated fitness center. Phases two and three are in the planning stages, stay tuned.